"Providing Whole-Person, Outside-the-Box Care"


What is a Micro-Practice?

A Micro Practice is a medical practice that focuses on low overhead and simplicity in order to maximize the amount of time and attention provided to each patient. Since I don't need a large number of patients to cover inflated overhead costs, I can provide high quality care to fewer patients at an affordable rate.

For this reason, I will not be renting office space until there is enough cash flow to support it (or we find someone willing to barter). At this time, all visits are house calls or virtual visits. 

Where is the clinic located?

We do not yet have a physical location for our clinic. Most visits will be at your home or virtual.

Can I meet Dr. Brown before I enroll?

Yes! Prior to signing there is a free meet-and-greet session where we get to know each other and I can answer any questions you may have. It will give us both time to see if we are a good match.

Does it cost anything to enroll?

No, there is no enrollment fee. 

Does it cost anything to end a membership?

Memberships can be ended anytime. There is no fee to end a membership. 

Does it cost anything to return after ending a membership?

There is a re-enrollment fee of $300 per household to return to the practice after leaving.

How much do you charge?

A primary care membership costs $65 per month. The membership fee covers all appointments and home visits. Some procedures come with charges to cover the cost of the supplies. These charges are always at-cost and never marked up for a profit. All prices are up-front and clearly listed on the website here

What forms of payment do you accept?

For most memberships, I ask that you set up automatic monthly bank account withdrawals. This will decrease the amount of time I have to spend collecting unpaid dues. One of the benefits of the DPC model is that I am able to provide discounts or accept alternative methods of payment if needed. If you can't afford my prices or if you want to pay in Bitcoin or garden vegetables, let me know during our Meet & Greet.

Do you take insurance?

No. I work for you directly so I don't bill your insurance. 

I already have insurance. Can you still be a financially viable option for me?

Yes! Do you have a high deductible plan? If so, most of your healthcare is being paid out-of-pocket anyways but at steeply inflated prices. A single avoidable trip to the emergency department can be worth over a year's membership cost. Even if you have "good" insurance, I can provide higher quality care that keeps you healthy and saves you money in the long run.

Do I still need health insurance if I join your practice?

Insurance is recommended but not required. I highly recommend you carry insurance for emergencies, such as hospitalizations or emergency room visits. You may also need insurance if you need to see a specialist. A membership at Grounded Serpent is not a substitute for insurance. 

How does the sign-up process work?

Fill out the form here to schedule a free Meet & Greet with Dr. Brown. We will discuss your health goals and answer any questions you have about the practice. At the end of this meeting we will discuss membership enrollment. 

What about when Dr. Brown goes on vacation?

Dr. Brown will sometimes get sick or need a vacation. She will let you know when this happens and when to expect her back. Sometimes she might have limited availability. Sometimes she might not be available at all, but this is very rare and she will always keep you in the loop.

Why a membership model? Why not charge per visit?

The monthly membership is the secret to the success of my model. Because I am getting paid monthly by my entire patient panel, I am able to keep my panel very small. The average family physician cares for 2,400 patients at a time. They are forced to keep appointments short and their schedules full to cover costs. They are also incentivized to bring patients into the clinic for any concern because that is the only way they get paid. The average DPC patient panel is just 350 patients. There is no pressure to bring patients in for unnecessary appointments or churn them through as quickly as possible, and there are no barriers discouraging a patient from seeking care when they need it. 


Call or Text Dr. Brown at (812) 302-2497

Or Email her at brown@gsdpc.com