Membership Price

The membership price will be tailored to the patient.

Before finances are discussed, you will have the opportunity to sit down and interview Dr. Brown to see if she and her clinic are a good fit for you. Likewise, she will spend time learning about your healthcare goals, needs and expectations. If both parties would like to pursuit membership, the issue of price will then be discussed. 

The price of membership will be negotiated according to the needs of the patient and the expected work of the physician. Non-monetary reimbursement may also be considered. The patient's ability to pay will be taken into account and Dr. Brown will make a good faith effort not to turn anyone away due to inability to pay.

There is no extra cost to sign up or end a membership. There may be a re-enrollment fee to return after ending a membership.

Price List

Please note that this section is a work in progress.

The following are a complete list of services provided by Dr. Brown at Grounded Serpent and any additional cost for supplies, if any. It includes a list of cash prices offered for labs, imaging and medications though you may also choose to bill your insurance provider. It is up to you to do your research and find which option will be the best value.

Here I have also provided a copy of the Patient Agreement which is the contract you will be asked to sign when you establish care. 

All services listed at $0 are included in the cost of membership.




Labs may be Point of Care ("POC", collected and ran by Dr. Brown) or Send Out (collected and ran by an outside lab). Send Out labs may be covered by insurance. These are the cash prices offered to our patients.


These are the cash prices offered to our patients.


These are the cash prices offered to our patients. We do not stock medications but we do have access to wholesale suppliers which can ship directly to you.


These are the other perks that come with membership which some clinics may charge extra for but most don't offer at all.