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A Direct Primary Care Micro-clinic
Grounded Serpent is set to open its doors August of 2023
The Model
"Providing whole-person, outside-the-box care"

At Grounded Serpent we practice a different model of medical care designed to honor the sacred doctor-patient relationship. We do not bill insurance. Instead, we charge a monthly fee according to your ability to pay. This fee covers all of your visits and procedures (minus the cost of supplies). We also provide discounted cash-based pricing for imaging, labs and medications. 

This innovative model is called DPC - Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care

Listening to baby with stethoscope

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an innovative, membership-style model that allows you to have a direct relationship with your doctor. For an affordable monthly fee, you can receive concierge-level healthcare tailored to your individual needs at no extra cost, including:

  • Unlimited, relaxed visits in the comfort of your own home

  • Same-day or next-day sick visits

  • Email, text or call your doctor for questions between visits

  • Weekend and after-hours appointment times


DPC takes medical insurance out of your primary medical care. Therefore, insurance companies no longer decide what care you receive - you and your doctor do. Medical insurance is still very important to have for major expenses like specialty care, emergency treatment and hospitalizations. 

Why a Membership Model?

Why not just pay per visit?

The monthly membership is the secret to the success of our model. Because we get paid monthly by the entire patient panel, we are able to keep the number of patients we care for very small. The average family physician cares for 2,400 patients at a time. They are forced to keep appointments short and their schedules full to cover costs. They are also incentivized to bring patients into the clinic for any concern because that is the only way they get paid. The average DPC patient panel is just 350 patients. There is no pressure to bring patients in for unnecessary appointments or churn them through as quickly as possible, and there are no barriers discouraging a patient from seeking care when they need it because the appointment is covered in the cost of membership. 

At Grounded Serpent, 
your healthcare is...


We have less patients so we can spend more time with the ones we have. Here, you never need to worry about a stranger taking charge of your healthcare.


Through the micro-clinic model we practice medicine in its simplest form so we can spend more time with you and less time distracted by charting and billing. 


Appointments are available outside of normal business hours & same or next day appointments are the norm.


Through the Direct Primary Care (DPC) model we cut out the middle men in order to restore the sacred doctor-patient relationship. No more third party payers determining your care. 


Lengthy visits, allowing time for symptoms to be understood in context, provide us the opportunity to address root causes of complex symptoms.


All illnesses are bio-psycho-social. We take the time to address the social and psychological dimensions of your medical conditions to help you fully heal.


Dr. Katie Brown

A photo of Dr. Brown: A Caucasian woman in her early 30's

Hello! I'm Dr. Katie Brown, founder (and sole employee) of Grounded Serpent Family Practice. I am currently a family medicine resident in Urbana, Illinois with plans to graduate in the fall of 2023. 

It has been my dream to own my own micro-clinic since I was in undergrad. I dreamt of relating to my patients as neighbors and friends rather than customers. Through my personal experience with chronic fatigue syndrome, I have come to value thinking outside the box of conventional medical care while still remaining grounded in evidence-based therapies. I believe in emphasizing the foundations of health while exploring the root causes of my patient's symptoms, partnering with them to create a treatment plan that fits their goals and values. I believe in utilizing the full spectrum of available therapies according to individual needs.

Read more about my story here       


Contact Us

We do not have a physical location. Mailing address not yet available. We serve patients in the following areas:

* Clay County, Indiana

* Vigo County, Indiana

* Champaign County, Illinois

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Contact Info


  • Home and virtual visits available same or next day on a flexible schedule

  • Adult and pediatric care (all ages) including physicals, sick visits and chronic care management

  • Prescription medications and specialist referrals (when needed)

  • Communication directly with Dr. Brown by phone, email and text message

  • Basic procedures including ear wax removal, skin biopsies, IUD insertion, Nexplanon insertion and removal, stitches, wraps and splints

  • Basic labs and tests including rapid strep, blood glucose, pulse ox, etc.

  • Virtual or in-person classes on meditation, mindfulness, and wellness

  • COMING SOON: Internal Family Systems Therapy, pain reprocessing therapy, biofeedback

Cat and Working
Ginger, Lemon & Honey Tea


  • Dr. Brown is able to care for most chronic illnesses. She has access to specialist recommendations at no extra cost to you. She may need to refer you to a specialist if your condition requires a procedure, special monitoring or is outside her scope of practice. 

  • Acute conditions such as viral illnesses, asthma attacks, UTIs, STDs, cellulitis, minor injuries and broken bones, and more

  • Gender affirming hormone therapy

  • Suboxone therapy for opioid dependence

  • Dr. Brown takes a special interest in treating chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, celiac disease, pelvic pain, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), long COVID, migraines, complex regional pain syndrome and other chronic pain disorders, conversion disorder, insomnia, multiple chemical sensitivity and other related conditions. Read more here.


Our Goals and Values

Grounded Serpent seeks to restore the doctor-patient relationship in order to foster an environment of trust, connection and compassion in which the patient may be most effectively supported in the pursuit of their health goals. 

We strive to accomplish this through our five guiding values:

  • INTEGRITY: The doctor-patient relationship is a sacred responsibility. Therefore, the physician is held to the highest standards of justice, honesty and humility. 

  • KNOWLEDGE: We strive to keep abrest of the latest research and recommendations so that we can provide the highest quality, evidence-based care. 


  • WISDOM: All medical decisions are made in light of the individual patient and their goals. The patient will be empowered with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their care. 

  • CREATIVITY: We utilize the full spectrum of healing arts, emphasizing the treatments most likely to support the mind-body in its own healing. 

  • INTERDEPENDENCE: We operate from the assumption that everything is interconnected and respect for the Whole is necessary for healing. No imbalance can be corrected until the context that fostered it has been fully witnessed and understood.



Grounded Serpent embraces people of all races, genders, sexual orientations, family structures, religions, sizes, abilities and political affiliations. We strive to provide quality medical care that is culturally sensitive, individualized and respectful of the diversity of the human experience. 

We acknowledge that structural racism and fear of the "other" are public health issues. We therefore vow to speak out against all forms of discrimination and bias in our society. We stand in solidarity with the First Nations peoples, the Black community, the LGBTQ+ community, the homeless community, the incarcerated community, the disabled community, the plus-sized community, the spoonie community and all other people who may face discrimination or have trouble obtaining quality healthcare in our society. 

What Our Name Says About Us
"Grounded Serpent"

The rod of Asclepius, a rough staff entwined with a serpent, is an ancient symbol associated with healing for thousands of years. To the ancient Greeks, the snake was a revered protector. It ate the mice that fed on stores of grain, helping the people survive long enough to reach the next harvest. It shed it's skin, embodying renewal and rebirth. Most importantly, the snake was esteemed for its intimate connection to Gaia, Mother Earth.

The snake, uniquely, spends its entire life in full contact with the ground. To the Greeks, the Earth was the source of life. From her comes all living things, even our own bodies.

A statue of Asclepius, a man with a staff entwined with a serpent

So if anyone wanted to know how to heal, they needed the Earth's knowledge. And what creature could have more of Gaia's knowledge than the creature who lives closest to her? Perhaps that is why the snake was the constant companion of Asclepius (the god of medicine) and his wife, Hygeia (the personification of health). Hygeia is often depicted feeding the snake, nourishing it.

From that archetypal image, I have come to see the snake as a metaphor for our physical bodies, that part of ourselves which is a part of the earth. The metaphor highlights our body's innate wisdom and potential for healing.

In order to regain health we must reconnect with our body.

A statue of Hygeia, a woman with a snake draped over her shoulder, eating out of a bowl she holds in her hand

Too often, we are dissociated from our physical selves. We are too busy to notice when we feel hungry or thirsty or tired. Many times we develop this dissociation as a defense mechanism when our culture tells us that our needs are not important. That having needs is weak - even selfish.

We dissociate, also, to disconnect from our emotions. All emotions are felt through the body, and when we do not feel safe to fully experience an emotion we may instead distance ourselves from our body with the aid of worry or distraction or mind-altering substances.


The best thing we can do for our health is to return to the wisdom of the serpent. How can we heal that which we do not honor and respect? Or, more accurately, how can the body return to its natural state of health if we treat it as a something to be conquered, used and feared rather than loved and partnered with?

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